Welcome to the online living space of Wild My Child, our blog and store. We hope this site inspires you in more ways than one to learn something new and experience adventures where ever you are! We truly believe that when you learn photography, you learn to see and appreciate the world around you in a different way. Details around you become art, and the legacy you record is a treasure! Thanks for joining us. We are so happy you are here!

Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt

Is it cold and snowy where you are? Go for a hike, and bring your kids and camera!! The world is so beautiful covered in a layer of magical snow. Also follow the link at the end of this post to view some eye candy from another photographer friend, KC Crow, an Orange County Family Photographer. Today was another cold snow day, and I decided to make it a little more fun by coming up with a Winter Wonderland photo scavenger hunt. We had a blast and I wanted to share some snow photography tips and my scavenger hunt list with you all. I love that kids come up with their own ideas when we give them an opportunity to be creative! My own children, and others that join us in our Photography Adventure classes amaze me with their "eye" because they aren't worried about rules and their imaginations are just better than ours. You can help your kids further their photography interest by giving them a little direction (like a scavenger hunt in the snow!). You will be surprised at how quickly kids...

Simplified Photography – The Little Years

My photography was all black and white darkroom artistic mubo-jumbo before I had kids... I loved the creative process and I did what I needed to do to pass my college classes, which were mostly film photography classes. I can almost smell the chemicals... have you...

Soap Making with Becky Tipton

We had our very first "Makers Event" and it was wonderful! Our hope is to host monthly makers events where women can come together and make stuff! There's something soooo satisfying about finishing a project and working with your hands! A lot of us are deep in the...

Life In Motion Review… Join us for round two!

We loved teaching our first run of Life in Motion through Click Photo School! We are gearing up for round two starting January 22nd... It feels weird to say, "Hey buy this workshop, you'll love it..." when we created it, so we asked for some feedback from last runs...

Simplified Photography Guides

Simplified Camera Manual | Light & Composition | Beginner Lightroom

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Downloadable PDF and Video Guide

What’s included in the Simplified Bundle:

  • Three PDFs and teaching videos
  • Simplified answers to common questions
  • Activities to really learn by doing

Being a mom means always being on the move. We have tons of things we want to learn, but tend to put them on the back burner. We have created the Simplified Bundle to make learning easy for the busy mom. We have broken down what you need to know NOW… information that isn’t overwhelming. Plus, you can do the simple activities anywhere and anytime.  As mom’s we often yearn to be creative and photography is a great way to not only capture your important moments but get creative.

Kim Bear,  Busy mom of three~

Kim Bear

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