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Chocolate Frosting and a home day with August.

He didn't have a fever, but for a couple of days August had been especially sensitive. He asked me to check his temp before school Monday and cried because his tummy hurt so I decided to keep him home anyway. It was pretty obvious after we had dropped the older two off and were back home that he wasn't "sick" when he was already asking if we could make a cake. I said "no" ... and we waited until after lunch to bake a cake and frost it. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing. His favorite! We worked on some of his times tables (this kid LOVES math) and drew pictures during the morning, and after lunch made a chocolate cake. I think he just needed a "chill day" .... I think I needed a chill day too. It's good to have these times with kids one on one. I thought I'd share this super easy and delicious frosting recipe with you! (and I don't even really like frosting!) I found it on THIS BLOG, called Spend with Pennies. I loved it, and then was sucked in by many many more recipes I need to...

Video {Auto focus vs. manual focus}

How auto focus works Ok. I will admit when I got my Sony a9 I feel in love with the facial tracking. With my Canon Mark III I was shooting with manual focus and while it was ok... it was a pain. But one thing I really dislike about the auto focal tracking in video,...

Let your creative spirit out

  In the winter time it can be a very uncreative time for me.  So this year I decided as I was waiting for spring to bloom I would play with still life. I would find items in my home and just figure out cool, weird, interesting ways to photograph them. I used...

Click Away – Amelia Island

After you read this post, be sure to follow the Click Away blog circle! This blog post leads to KC Crow, an Orange County family photographer (The Crows Nest). I had the honor of meeting her Click Away! Ahhhh, Florida. You make me so happy!! Click Away has been an...

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