Welcome to the online living space of Wild My Child, our blog and store. We hope this site inspires you in more ways than one to learn something new and experience adventures where ever you are! We truly believe that when you learn photography, you learn to see and appreciate the world around you in a different way. Details around you become art, and the legacy you record is a treasure! Thanks for joining us. We are so happy you are here!

My hobby: Still life

Still life is my hobby... my creative outlet. Does anyone else have that need? Even though I love photographing my kids and other people sometimes (well often!) I love working with still objects and get to explore light, shadow, and color. Plus I enjoy getting to bake and gardening. While I love baking I don't often make time to make pretty foods.   So having a goal of photographing pretty food gives me more of a reason to do it! Plus my kids like to eat.... can I get an amen!  Although I don't know if they always appreciate what I bake as they fill their faces.  I have been in the middle of a kitchen reno which let me tells you takes over your life! Everything is effected by it. What has really been effected is me baking. Since....well... I didn't have an oven or a great working counter.  I didn't let that get me too down. I pushed through with just beautiful objects in glorious light.   Food and flowers are my favorite things to photograph. I used simple props to display my...

Kid’s beginner Photography Workshop, August 9th

School is quickly approaching...can you believe it? We can't. It seemed to zip by. We have one last amazing photo opportunity for your  kids ages 8 and older. We have partnered with Wolfes Camera Shop and The Kansas Museum of History to explore camera basics and a...

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