Welcome to the online living space of Wild My Child, our blog and store. We hope this site inspires you in more ways than one to learn something new and experience adventures where ever you are! We truly believe that when you learn photography, you learn to see and appreciate the world around you in a different way. Details around you become art, and the legacy you record is a treasure! Thanks for joining us. We are so happy you are here!

Gratitude Project {Baking with my kids}

We are already over half way through November and baking is something we are doing more and more often. As the weather turns cooler and Thanksgiving is just around the corner we are trying out new recipes. Don't miss the recipe below. I am grateful for baking with my kids Time in the kitchen with my kids is a family pastime. We bake all sorts of things, mainly because I like baking much better than cooking. My son is mastering the art of pies and my oldest daughter is working on creating all sorts of cupcakes! My youngest is just learning but we now let her crack eggs! They are even getting good at baking by themselves. And not just from a box. My oldest daughter makes a mean Pioneer Women carrot cake. More than the crazy number of yummy calories we eat (which is way too many), I love the moments in the kitchen together. We laugh and learn. We have made some of the most delicious and the most terrible desserts! Oh well. It is always worth it. I want my kids able to get around a...

Oh Baby… it is beautiful outside

Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower. - Albert Camus       These sisters were adorable tonight. All day were were covered in overcast skies, but light magic in the evening the sky cleared and we were left with a stunning evening. I...

Beauti- FALL with the Gilliland Girls

It's here! The cooler weather is proof, and finally Holton's trees are in their full glory!! Fall... where have you been? We love you so! We had a little session with the Gilliland Gals the other night and tomorrow we look forward to our November Heritage Sessions,...

They’re Coming!!!! {Educational Guides will be here soon}

  We are so excited. We have been teaching photography workshops for a number of years and now we can reach you at home. We have heard over and over again, "I want to take your class....but I have XYZ that day.."  So know you can learn! These guides are FULL......

Simplified Photography Guides

Simplified Camera Manual | Light & Composition | Beginner Lightroom

Available now

Downloadable PDF and Video Guide

What’s included in the Simplified Bundle:

  • Three PDFs and teaching videos
  • Simplified answers to common questions
  • Activities to really learn by doing

Being a mom means always being on the move. We have tons of things we want to learn, but tend to put them on the back burner. We have created the Simplified Bundle to make learning easy for the busy mom. We have broken down what you need to know NOW… information that isn’t overwhelming. Plus, you can do the simple activities anywhere and anytime.  As mom’s we often yearn to be creative and photography is a great way to not only capture your important moments but get creative.

Kim Bear,  Busy mom of three~

Kim Bear

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