Welcome to the online living space of Wild My Child, our blog and store. We hope this site inspires you in more ways than one to learn something new and experience adventures where ever you are! We truly believe that when you learn photography, you learn to see and appreciate the world around you in a different way. Details around you become art, and the legacy you record is a treasure! Thanks for joining us. We are so happy you are here!

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A new photo project for 2019

You are about to be bombarded with ads about losing weight or articles about how to improve yourself in 2019. Every year we end one year and start a new one with great expectations. And while I know losing weight is always on my list and being a better person couldn't hurt, I want to encourage you to do something for your family and even yourself. I want you to start  personal photography project. That doesn't mean it has to happen every day or that you even have to be a professional. It just means setting a goal and work towards it at your pace.  Maybe you have a project to finally print off pictures from your computer and put them all in an album. Or maybe you want to be in more pictures with your kids.  A personal project maybe just about you finding time to be creative again... we get how much being a mom can drain the creative right out of ya!  Write down what you want to do. "I want to take 10 pictures a month of my kids being themselves." or " I want to create a video a...

My hobby: Still life

Still life is my hobby... my creative outlet. Does anyone else have that need? Even though I love photographing my kids and other people sometimes (well often!) I love working with still objects and get to explore light, shadow, and color. Plus I enjoy getting to bake...

Amelia Charlotte Rose

There's been so many newborn photography trends... remember giant bows, or babies swaddled and knit hats with flowers all around, or a crazy amount of props, oh and baskets... so many babies in baskets!? I've probably done them all... baby as art..... but baby is a...

This is your chance moms…come learn with us!

Ok..so all of the details aren't ironed out quite yet, but you can still check your calendars and hold it for some amazing photography and video classes! If you are a mom who has a new camera or an old camera you never used... this is the perfect place to start. We...


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