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Some Tips for shooting in the Snow!

Blizzard Bruce has blown in leaving buckets of beautiful powdery white stuff all over the mid-west. We haven't had a good snow like this in years so of course we had to sled, dig tunnels, walk in the woods, skate around on our little puddle of a pond, and of course, I had to take some pictures. Pretty snow doesn't happen enough, so I wanted to get a few pictures. Oh how I wish my kids had coordinating jewel toned coats, gloves, and coveralls. We were lucky to find enough gloves, and the reality is, that this is how we look in the country. It's actually a good thing, this time, I didn't get in front of the camera... I was wearing my husbands XXL camo full body suit, and I am a woman's size S. I am sure it was a little hysterical looking, but my daughter is now also a woman's size S and took my coveralls because her old ones don't fit her. We need to go shopping I think. 🙂 Anyway, I though I would share a few tips on taking pics in the snow since we may have a few more days of Bruce's...

Kid’s beginner Photography Workshop, August 9th

School is quickly approaching...can you believe it? We can't. It seemed to zip by. We have one last amazing photo opportunity for your  kids ages 8 and older. We have partnered with Wolfes Camera Shop and The Kansas Museum of History to explore camera basics and a...


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