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Fine Woodworking, and a legacy with a story

This story may not ever be in the pages of Fine Woodworking Magazine, like I had hoped. (okay, I still hope...and fingers cross that maybe someday it will be!) After all, This is a story about a little shop in a little town, not a story about a famous carpenter with pieces in New York City. In fact most of his "pieces" we treasure in our own homes, and many homes around Holton Kansas have the best quality cabinets money can buy, because of this guy. My dad is humble, and has run his cabinet shop with faithful employees, for 41 years. My self determined role, in our family, is the "historian". I document our lives with my camera, and write stories for my kids to pass down to their kids. I LOVE stories.... reading them, telling them, listing to them on podcasts. If you like stories too, read on! This is a story about my own family and the legacy of fine woodworking passed down for generations. I heard once, that "stories have to be told or they die"... I agree, and maybe that's why I...

Sweet Hour of Prayer

Sometimes life overwhelms me... Spending time walking in the garden, pulling a few weeds, and reading my bible is so good for my soul. Today I walked with my camera prayed whispers of gratitude to our amazing Creator. Worshiping through the lens, pausing to see what...

I feel loved when I look at these photos… Thanks mom.

I love photographing my kids... I'm sure you are like, "Yeah we know Amy, you post pics all the time!" #sorrynotsorry, It's for me more than you! 😉 (Facebook memories get me every single day!) Photography brings me so much joy, I LOVE looking at old photos! You'll...

The Journey to an image

Sometimes a picture falls perfectly into place right in front of you. Usually when images fall in place right in front of you it is less about the elements just being "right" or "perfect" and more about your ability to see through the clutter and make sense of the...


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