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I feel loved when I look at these photos… Thanks mom.

I love photographing my kids... I'm sure you are like, "Yeah we know Amy, you post pics all the time!" #sorrynotsorry, It's for me more than you! 😉 (Facebook memories get me every single day!) Photography brings me so much joy, I LOVE looking at old photos! You'll never see anyone Marie Kando a photograph of a family member and say it doesn't bring them joy. Photographs and albums are the number one thing people grab if there's a flood or fire. They are priceless!! Our goal with The Wild Child Photography, is to help anyone, and especially mom's, learn how to take better pictures. We all know the saying "Baby's don't keep" and the older my kids get, the more I realize just how fleeting these years really are. Photography and video allow us to do a little time traveling now and then. It's really a beautiful thing. I am so grateful I fell in love with photography at the very beginning of the "Little Years". My mom took LOTS of photographs of us kids. I was just looking through an...

The Journey to an image

Sometimes a picture falls perfectly into place right in front of you. Usually when images fall in place right in front of you it is less about the elements just being "right" or "perfect" and more about your ability to see through the clutter and make sense of the...

Changing Seasons

Kim and I have talked about this until we are blue in the faces and I've been writing this blog post in my head for months. I feel like today is the day to just get it done. Rip the band-aid, say it out loud, and feel confident in the changing seasons, so here goes....

A new photo project for 2019

You are about to be bombarded with ads about losing weight or articles about how to improve yourself in 2019. Every year we end one year and start a new one with great expectations. And while I know losing weight is always on my list and being a better person couldn't...


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