Welcome to the online living space of Wild My Child, our blog and store. We hope this site inspires you in more ways than one to learn something new and experience adventures where ever you are! We truly believe that when you learn photography, you learn to see and appreciate the world around you in a different way. Details around you become art, and the legacy you record is a treasure! Thanks for joining us. We are so happy you are here!

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One on One camera mentoring

I like teaching photography to big groups of people! It's a rush for sure, but there's something really special about showing someone how to use a camera to capture their most precious moments, one-on-one. It's definitely my jam. Today I met with Susan, in her own home. She gave me a tour of her beautiful old farmhouse (where her husband's grandparents used to live!) and we found beautiful light through old wavy glass and let Casen play with his tractors and books while I taught her about exposure and how to capture his days with her Nikon. Every camera is different, and everyone has different goals of what they are trying to capture with their camera. Susan's goal is to capture her sweet blue-eyed boy with the blondest hair and the orneriest smile, who sometimes runs very quickly on his short legs past her camera. The "little years", as I like to refer to them as, are so very fleeting. I was exactly where Susan is with a new camera and a toddler about 12 years ago. I wanted to...

Silhouette Art… party like it’s 1790!

I (Amy Cyphers) was born in the wrong decade, I've always known this. My house is super old (1910), and I love any artifact I can decorate with, especially from the 1920's-60's. Silhouettes have always been so beautiful to me. I have collected...

Red Ryder Snow Day

We have yet another snow day today. My kids would be content to stay on the couch and watch movies and truthfully I would too on days like today, but we've had too many of those... So I forced all of us outside for a while. Layers and layers of socks, snow pants,...

Winter Walk With Pierson

It's pretty typical that Pierson is the one to brave the cold. If there's a chance it's going to be slippery out, he's going to ice skate or sled on the ice, even in boots with no socks and a jacket that belong to his 3 sizes smaller brother. Today he was properly...


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