“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”

— Dorothea Lange

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Photography and kids. This is something we’ve become so excited about, maybe because our “big kids” have entered a new faze of life, and photography is something we can share with them now by handing over a camera. (with out too much fear of it being dropped!)

Truly though, photography has taught me to seek beauty, find God in the details, and always look for the light. I stop on our country road often to observe, and yes, photograph the sunset. The lens of my camera (big fancy camera, and more often then not, my iPhone) has taught me to slow down, stop driving, pause, take deep breaths, watch, and capture milliseconds of life to cherish. It’s about finding something truly extraordinary in the ordinary and appreciating how the light makes it shine. This is an incredible lesson we can pass on to our kids. There is so much to be seen, if we just look! Watch what the light can do… and experience the joy in learning to not just create art but see it everywhere.

We are living in such a crazy fast paced world. My daughter participates in softball, basketball, guitar lessons, youth group, and often many more activities. While these aren’t bad things, they also take away from our time together and we feel too busy sometimes. Going outside, just her and I, with our cameras has been really exciting for both of us. Sometimes we have to schedule these times where we intentionally slow down, put on our muck boots, and observe nature and creation together, and sometimes I see the golden hour approaching from the window and yell “Charlotte, go get your camera! The light is incredible right now!”

I’d encourage you to try it! You don’t have to be a “photographer” to do this. Any camera will do. Print the images from your journey to keep in a special album. There isn’t a better therapy then what a nature walk can offer!

We have some really exciting Workshops for kids and parents coming up! (More details soon, I promise!) These are the perfect opportunity for you to have that shoulder to shoulder time with your “big kid” and learn something new together.

I hope you’ll join us!

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