“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” – Robert Browning

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We get so gitty when we can a newborn that we get to photograph and video over their entire first year. Watching them grow up in their video is amazing. They go from being cuddled in their mama’s arms to walking and independent… in just a short year.

This is what her mama had to say when she got to watch her full video. Hearing back from a mom about how precious she finds this video makes me teary. This past year did go fast and I love that we were able to give her a way to slow it down a bit and remember each stage.

“Kim that video!!! So amazing and made me cryok i understand that its MY family so I’m bias because of the whole LOVE thing. But it really is the most precious and beautiful video and photos. The video is my most prized possession!! I am a sentimental person!”

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