Mother’s Day is less than a week a way. If you have a photo mama wife here is what she really really really wants…. she wants to be in the pictures or video with her kids. If you want to give her an amazing gift pick up her camera (without her asking you to!) and take images of her with her kids.

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Now, before you just start snapping away we wanted to share a few tips.

1) Don’t surprise her. Let her know you want to do this. This gives her a chance to look and feel great and put on something other than her college sweatshirt. She might also have some ideas!

2) Pick a location with good light. Find a room in your home with even light (look for a north facing window). Avoid harsh light if you can. Try to make sure her face has soft beautiful light on it.  If you think she might want to take pictures outside go in the evening about an hour before the sun is going to go down. This time of year it is about 7 pm. This kind of light will be the most flattering.

3) Bribe the kids if you have to so they are on board. Mom’s don’t want to feel stressed… she wants to feel loved on and put together. Pick out easy clothes for the kids. Jeans and a simple top. Have the kids go barefoot if you don’t want to worry about shoes…heck..have the boys go shirtless if you don’t want to worry about tops. Keep it simple.

4) Ask you wife how to work the camera a few days before if you are unsure. Let her set it up for you! She might even have suggestions about when and where to take pictures.

5) Don’t be in a hurry to be done. If she is a photographer or a mama who loves pictures, she wants to have these memories more than anything. Her babies are the most important thing to her and since they were born she has been taking pictures of them. Being in pictures with them is a cherished time.

6) Take pictures of her not looking at the camera. Traditional portraits are great and important, but don’t forget to capture the times when she is looking at the kids, laughing, or quietly hugging….trust us…those will be her favorites.

7) Step back..but not too far back. You don’t want to be uncomfortably close or have your wife and kids look like a dot in your image. If you are too close it might look unflattering as well.

8) Figure out how to capture video.  Take a few clips of her loving and playing with the kids.

9) If you feel overwhelmed by any of this…hire someone to take her pictures with the kids. Even if it isn’t on Mother’s Day. She will feel loved.  hint hint… here is a quick link just in case!

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