Here is a video from my 2017 monthly video project. I love capturing my kids doing what they do at home. This time is so precious to me and fleeting. The ordinary moments will be what they remember. This song came from (more about them below!) It is called “No turning back” by Joy Oladokun. This video was shot with my Sony a6500..check out more about that camera…amazeballs!

With all of the on line sharing platforms out there and the ability to create iMovies or videos on your DSLR cameras finding proper music is essential. Gone are the days when you added video to your favorite song in your CD collection. When you share a video you made on-line you have to properly license music.  Yes, it is easy to add a song into your favorite movie editor from iTunes but not legal.

We are jumping full throttle into video starting May 8th as we teach a Click Photo School workshop. Life in Motion is a workshop all about creating captivating home and business videos. And music plays a huge role in the emotional story we want to tell. Getting properly licensed music doesn’t just apply to professional  photographers or businesses, it applies to everyone.

Lucky for us (and you!) there are lots of affordable options. There are also a multitude of musical genres, song lengths, and even sites that offer multiple versions of the same song to fit your specific needs.

What do you need to know about licensing music?

The thing that shocked me most was how different each licensing site can be. Some sites offer really unique (radio worthy music!) while other offer lots of instrumental scores. Some allow you to use songs anywhere while others are very specific how their songs can be played. Typically when you purchase a song it is for one use. That means you can make one video with it…no more. If you want to use it again you have to repurchase the license. There are a few sites that offer perpetual licenses. These licenses allow you to buy the song and reuse over and over again. Some sites have amazing personal use prices but really high business use prices. So… they are really all over the place. Because of that we always recommend you read through their terms. If you have questions contact them.

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Here are our top sites and why we use them. – This is a subscription service. It is just under a $100/year or $10.00 a month and you can use any song for any purpose. They have quite a bit of variety it worth having if you make a number of videos. Also, they have amazing customer service.  A little gift for you… you code CLICKINMOMS to get 20% off a month or year!– Triple scoop is used by tons of photographers so they have great “emotional” songs and have a number of easy to use playlists to select from. They offer perpetual use songs (can use again and again), so if you think you need a song that you can use with a number of projects they are a great source.– These guys have tons of songs. They are not ones you hear on the radio at all, but they cover the gamut. What is great about their site is they offer multiple versions of the same song. Some range from 10 seconds to 2 minutes. Sometimes you like the sound of a song but need it longer or shorter… I love that they do that. They also offer other suggestions depending on the songs that you are currently looking at. It is a great way to hear songs that are similar. Their personal use songs are typically about $10.00 but their commercial use songs are usually in the $150 range…ouch!– On this site you hear a mix of songs you know from the radio and those that are more instrumental scores. They have a pretty eclectic mix. They range from about $5.00 to 45.00 a song. They also change quite a bit more for commercial use.– This site has lots of background music and indie music. What I like about them is when you purchase a song it includes multiple versions and music loops that you can play over and over again to fit  your video length. I like that you don’t have to buy each version separately.– This used to be my favorite site for our business work. They have amazing music…really some of my favorite. But now their commercial use licenses are  up there at about $150 a song (one time use!) Their personal use is about $50.00 a song. I still use them when I am wanting something really cool thought!

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Now that you know where you can find music to use when sharing your video projects on line we hope you go and explore what they have. Having great music is the perfect pairing with your sweet video.

We love use folk music and cinematic scores…what are your favorites?

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