Your baby’s first year is the most amazing and crazy time. They are growing so fast. They change even more quickly. Our goal is to capture your baby over the course of their first year when they are reaching their major milestones….because we know that moms want to see their little one as a tiny baby, sitting up and smiling, and finally walking (maybe even running!)

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In our newborn session we focus on natural posing and connection. We want babies to be comfortable and natural. We also want them connecting with mom and dad in their arms.

At our 6 month session (or when they are sitting up) we love to get smiles and play. These session will typically take place outdoors and during one of our Heritage Session weekends.

Finally, at our year session (or walking session!) we just love getting them exploring, holding your hands and walking, and playing. Again, this session is scheduling during one of our Heritage Session weekends.

At each of our Cherish First Year Sessions, we capture your baby in video, which at the end of the year we pull together!  This is a beautiful and sweet video that captures your baby as they grew over the year. It is so easy to forget how small they were… and now look at them!

Our Cherish Session is $400.00 and includes $300 in portrait credit. Contact us if you are interested in booking your Cherish First Year Session.

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