Is it “National Best Business Partner” Day? If not… oh well. I want to brag on Amy for a bit. As much as a dreamer as Amy is.. she is often the more grounded one between the two of us. Which is really important!  If not… I would have us floating off into space! Amy is the front “man” in our business. When you call or email she is the one who responds back to you. She is so great at working to make everyone who calls or emails feel important and special. She usually does it with lots of exclamation marks and happy emojis! You will know when an email comes from me because it is much for straight to the point and not nearly as “happy”. But that is what makes Amy special. We have worked together since 2013 and our business has grown and changed a lot since we started. We work well together even if we don’t always see everything exactly the same. I think the  fact that we don’t see it the same way makes us stronger.

Our businesses mission statement is that everyone we meet as a divine appointment and a unique creation. We truly truly believe that. Amy is the first to see how we can bless or be blessed by those we get to photograph.  She sees her camera as a way to show others how God sees them… beautiful and perfect.

When you come for a session she is the one who sets you up and makes your family looks great. She is great about shifting folks around and getting everyone in just the right place. She is also great at finding perfect locations to shoot.  Honestly, she makes me look really great! haha. I just have to show up! Really, she is an amazing photographer and I am blessed to get to work with her.

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Amy really is the brains behind The Wild Child. More than not she is right…. don’t tell her I said that.  That may go to her head.

Her smile is lively and she has a heart of gold. What makes her a great photographer though is not her camera or anything technical. She sees your heart. She truly sees the beauty in people. She thinks of thoughtful ways to bless people or feels things for others that I wish I could. Her images capture the important stuff. The good stuff. She sees the quiet beauty that others may miss. I get a front row seat at our sessions to this magic and it never grows old.

Amy can make people feel at ease. She never takes herself too seriously so maybe others just feel like they can take themselves a little less serious too. After all,  when you feel relaxed you smile bigger, laugh harder, and hold tighter.

If you have a business partner or thinking about getting one… I hope it is like Amy. We laugh more than we don’t… and we have found what we are each good at.  We each had our own separate businesses before hand and it was stressful in a creative industry.  Two really stand taller and stronger together then when they are alone. We have taken more risks together. So in case today is “National Business Partner Day” I want to make sure to give a shout out to Amy!   Having a business partner and fellow sister in Christ has been the most amazing journey. How knows where the Wild Child will go? One thing for sure, is that is will by guided by His hand.

Feel free to leave comments about how Amy has bless you!



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