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Learn how to move from photographs to video

Kim and I JUST released a new product, in our very own shop… I wanted to do a little blog post explaining what it is, and how it’s different then our digital products through Click Photo School.

So, apparently we like the word “motion” …. Our very first digital product is our breakout session through Click Photo School called Photography In Motion.  It’s ALL about how to take video with your camera (DSLR and Mirrorless). If you are new to shooting video start here! It’s prefect for beginners, and will get you shooting right away! It’s a download, so you can do it on your own time. It really is a great “taking video 101” class. If you are a mom, dad, or a photographer wanting to learn simple and useful techniques. To learn more just click the image below.

Our workshop through Click Photo School is called “Life in Motion” and it is 4 week long interactive workshop we teach. It’s more intense with actual homework every week and critiques from us, plus LOTS of bonus live video’s and a very active forum and facebook group. You can take this workshop as a full participant, or a study along. We teach a lot more editing, and advanced techniques, and actually recommend that folks do the breakout session first so you come in with a basic understanding of video. The assignments in this workshop will give you the confidence to capture moments for your family and clients. They have been thoughtfully created to build upon each other, and by the end of this workshop you will have created three amazing projects to share with families or add to your portfolio. We are excited to teach this workshop again in January! Registration starts in December. We love teaching this workshop.

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So that brings us to our next use of the word “Motion”… Ha! I thought we were more creative than this! (Seriously we didn’t mean to use that word so many times!!)

“Stills to Motion” is a new digital product (ebook) in our very own store. This is a guide designed for photographers that teaches how to move and toggle from a still to video during sessions AND be able to deliver stunning images as well as a thirty second to one minute video for them to cherish, and for you to use in your own marketing. We have some behind the scenes videos that show how we work individually shooting a family session and a sibling session. It’s less about how to take video (we still recommend the breakout for that!) and more about how to accomplish stills and video in one session with little to no added time to your sessions. This is an ebook we put together when we were asked to speak to photographers about this subject at the KPPA Fall Expo on this subject. We use the methods we teach about in this ebook all the time! They really do work.

There… pheewwww! I hope you wern’t confused… I was. Why oh why didn’t we come up with a couple different words? Motion worked each time I guess, and it is what it is… motion! We LOVE capturing it, sharing it, and teaching it. 🙂 Let us know if you have ANY questions on our breakout, workshop, and ebook. We are always happy to answer!



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