Who else is better equipped to create a promo for another photographer…then another photographer?  We see the beautiful light and connection in a way that makes a video emotional and beautiful.

We met Marcie (MarcieReif Photography) through a class we taught at Click Away in Seattle. She lives in Atlanta and had the opportunity to fly out to us! wow… it would be an understatement to say we were honored. She was amazing to work with and we loved the end result. We created a few different versions for her to use on different social media sites. The all tied together and created a memorable way to recognize her! If you are in Atlanta check her out!

We are heading out today to do another photographer promo! Check out our instagram site today for some behind the scene shots!


Three things that make for a successful promo video

  1. The music. I love picking out music and take great time in finding a song that will captivate and move the video along. We want people to watch the right thing!!! We also look for music that either have tracks with varying lengths or songs we can cut down for different social media sites.
  2. The BIG word. We also ask clients what is the one thing they want viewers to see. For example, in Marcie’s video she wanted to highlight connection. Notice the hands and tight more intimate shots.
  3. Being a team in the creative process. We like to listen to the song and envision what the video will look like. What actions we want to add and how to want to capture the scene. But..this is a big but… we need to partner with the photographer throughout the creative process. We do need their trust but we also need their direction and ideas too!

When we put the right music, the right emotions, and creativity together… we can make great things happen.


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