We are photographers… and we know LOTS of amazing photographers because of our job. One of my first photographer friends was this amazing lady, Shelley Jensen. Shelley is amazing at what she does, and we absolutely loved working with her. I won’t reveal too much, that’s for Shelley to do, but I wanted to share what she has shared so far with you because we just can’t stand it any longer! A huge shout out to her senior models too… Sam (the urban alley way girl) and Faith (back lit country fields) were fun to work with and really brought this project to life. Also a HUGE shout out to Kim, my partner in crime, who knows how to edit and find songs like a beast! Seriously, she has the “Midas Touch” when it comes to video!

I wanted to share this because we love it, AND to let you know that we love offering this service. Making films for photographers isn’t complicated because we see what they see, and usually are pretty keen on what a photographer wants us to show! We also offer other small business films. We’ve done a jewelry line, and doctors office too! The heart of this service is we get to know you, your passion, your vision for the project, and figure out what would work best and look beautiful and attract the type of client you need to be successful. It’s therapy in a way! Your brand is really important and we want to honor that by showing your heart through these video’s.

Shelley has more to show… but not yet. As soon as the curtain is open, we will share too! She really is as sweet and beautiful as she looks, that part was easy to capture. She takes a senior session and creates an unforgettable experience for them. She truly is one of a kind.

Oh, and contact us for a bid! We’d love to make something beautiful and timeless for you too!

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