This gratitude project just got real. I it only took me to week two to get to my bible.

I am grateful for my bible

Rather I am grateful for the ability to have a bible, read a bible, and believe freely. I am grateful the ability to post this. I am grateful for the verses found that comfort and convict me. I am grateful to be able to be broken yet have a perfect savior.

I grew up  Catholic and don’t remember ever really reading a bible. It is still a struggle for me to sit down and know where to start. I used to just open it up and think that what ever i was reading was divine. I guess all of God’s words or words from His book are “divine” but I doubt that that is a really good way to dive deeper.

This gratitude project always makes me realize how blessed I am. How simple life is. Do good to others, be kind, be humble, and be joyous with what you have.  I am driven… to say the least. Just ask Amy. I am rarely ok with just OK. I feel like it has to be the best, be bigger than last year, or be “more” then someone else.

This book grounds me and has be chase the line of eternity more than the dot of today. After all, if today was the last day than what would all of the early works of today matter?  It is a struggle though.

The Bible is God’s word and I am grateful for every last one (even if I hardly understand their true significance), but more so it is an invitation into a sisterhood with many amazing women. I am blessed beyond measure with the friends who feed into my life with support, advice, and gentle nudges in the “right” direction. Who remind me grace if freely given to me and I need to freely give it. Ouch. But a good ouch. Like when you stretch before a workout. You feel it…but it helps you go further.

I actually got a She reads truth Bible… if you don’t have one it is really beautiful.  Amy and I laugh how ascetically important some things are to us…but it is nice to look at something so pretty.

I also really like our church (FBC Topeka) and every time I look in my bible I always see my sermon notes. I am really grateful for the  pastor there and how he teaches scripture.


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