I think the spirit of gratitude  and positivity is caught. Don’t you? When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.  So true.  Some people are better at that than others. Since it is caught that means that by being around it you to can receive it. The same is true for bitterness. The people you surround yourself say a lot about how you want to be.

I am grateful for positive people in my life

I think I was first influenced by my mom. She always had the attitude of, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” To her, no just meant you hadn’t found your yes yet! haha. Even in college I was blessed with some of the best sorority sisters one could have. Within my chapter I formed a tight knit group of women who were kind, generous, and truly let positivity rule our lives. They encouraged and poured good into me. They sure never let me feel bad for myself. You need folks around you everyday who remind you how good you have it.

That is not to say I was always in positive situations. I have been in predicaments plenty of times were a negative Nancy could have come along and totally clobbered me.  Bombarded me with all of the things I couldn’t do. But those people have been very far and few between.

My friends in my life now maintain a spirit of grace and hope. I think we all seek friends who pull us up rather than down. I have no idea what I would do or who I would be without people who show me the light, help guide my path, and continue to give me a can do spirit.



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It isn’t too late to join in and create a gratitude project of your own. Read our “how to join in” post!



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