I am bless by our gratitude project daily. I hope you are too. If you want to jump in it is never too late!

I am blessed by seasons

I live in the woods so often we walk around and explore throughout the year. We are also blessed to live in an area of the country where we have four distinct seasons (although I would argue Fall is never long enough!) There is always something coming or going in nature and what amazes me is how amazingly beautiful nature is when it is just peaking out from the ground, in it’s full glory at its prime and then the beauty and grace shown in its death. Seeing new flowers come up and watching the leaves change makes me happy. I can’t imagine what it would be like if we only had one season.

Lessons I learned from seasons

Not only do I feel blessed by an ever changing natural canvas, but it helps me remember that there are season in my life. Times to emerge, time to bloom, and time to fade out. There are times when I need to exert energy and times to conserve it. There are times that I need to prune away areas of my life to make room and give me the energy I need to grow.

As I get older and tend to miss my “youth” I am reminded that there is beauty and grace even after the prime years. Often the old heads of flowers preserved on the bush are even more beautiful and graceful than those in their prime. I hope that that is true for me to. I am so blessed to get to experience so many firsts and even lasts. I am blessed to still be having firsts.

I am grateful to be where I am and to have had all of the seasons before today.


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