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Why am I grateful for my home?

There are the basic reasons of shelter. But after moving around so often all my life, this is my first forever home.ahhh. Home. It isn’t it funny that we dream of vacations sometime but just can’t wait to get home. I love my home. I love more important who’s in it.

Our house is made about of all wood and stone. When people first walk in they always look up because the walls and ceiling are all cedar. ┬áThis house was built to be strong. It is my little retreat. I am grateful for the space it offers, inside and out, for family and friends. We have hosted many dinners, scouting events, overnight company, and holidays here. My kids can explore, swim, or just warm themselves by the fire (which we had our first one of the season last night…can you believe it snowed on Halloween?)

It is funny, if you asked me to design my “dream house” I wouldn’t have created anything like my current house. Nothing. I would have white walls and a beach cottage vibe.. instead I have a mid-century modern lodge. And I couldn’t be happier.

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