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If 100 people were polled on what they would grab out of their house if it were burning down, most would say their pictures. Baby books, wedding albums, framed and canvas prints from the walls… we’d all grab those if we had time. Have you ever met someone that lost their families photos in a fire? It’s devastating… we value these moments above even money and diamonds. Memories, it’s safe to say, are priceless!! I’m sitting in my office at this very moment with images of my kids hanging up that make me smile daily. Pictures give me so much joy. I’m sure you feel the same!

This. This is why we want to take pictures! This is why we teach mom’s to take pictures! (and if you don’t have a fire proof safe, back up your personal images and put them in it, or back them up online!)

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”
Marc Riboud

We photograph our families doing lots of things, and ever birthday another candle is blown out on the cake, and another moment is captured! My oldest is 11 and though I remember faintly what her birthday cake looked like when she turned 3, and her expression when she blew out the candles, I am so glad I photographed that day so the details are fresh again when I look at the pictures with her. (We all know our kids sometimes zap a few brain cells, remembering everything is impossible!) As moms we wear many different hats including family historian… aka “the one that takes all the pictures”. Keeping record through hundredths of seconds. What a beautiful gift we create for our families!

Are you a mom like Kim or I that loves documenting moments with your family? We’d love to teach you more! We began teaching “mom” photography classes even before teaming up and teaching them together. Through the years we’ve taught lots of moms just like you to take better pictures, and how to take your camera off “auto” mode so you can get creative! Finally we have digital ebook guides too! You can read these during your kids naps, lunch breaks, or whenever you have a few minutes to feed your inner artist and learn something new. We boiled these down to the important facts you need to know to take better pictures right away.

Do words like: shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, composition, rule of thirds. focus points, freak you out a little, or completely overwhelm you? Stop… we can help! 🙂

Kim and I put together three manuals you can purchase as a bundle, or individually. Without further ado.. here’s a little bit about all three.

The Simplified Camera Manual

This photography guide gets you started with your camera and learning how to switch out of auto mode today. We cover the exposure triangle and more without overwhelming you with details you probably don’t need to know. Our information is geared towards moms that want to take better pictures of their kids. You can read it and watch the video’s from your computer or even your phone. We have exercises for each short chapter so you actually can learn as we go!

Light and Composition

Ahhh, the art of photography and how to find and use the best possible light! This guide is all about how to make your images pop! Again, we are talking to moms, so we teach a lot with our kids with your kids in mind! We know what you need to know, and “Light and Composition” will help you make your photography beautiful, even frame worthy… not just a “snap shot” by learning about light and composition as well as color. Again, this guide is easy to read on your computer, ipad or phone!

Lightroom for Beginners

Adobe Lightroom is our favorite editing tool! It makes organizing, editing, and getting images ready to print simple! There are some amazing tools that can “fix” an images that wasn’t perfectly captured, or really bring an ordinary image to life! Kim and I both love using and teaching Lightroom techniques because it can really make a big difference in how to edit images. It’s the fastest and best way, in our opinion, and easy enough for any one to learn.We recommend using your computer for this guide so you can play in Lightroom as you learn.

Of course we are selling these as a bundle for a price break! You can get all three here:

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