The gratitude project is coming along and we are already in the second week of November!!  It will be new  years before we know it.

I am grateful for Tea

That sounds really “surfacey”… (I know… that isn’t a word), but is sure doesn’t should very deep. Tea. Here is what it means to me. Tea relaxes me and brings me peace. I often drink it first thing in the morning and then last thing at night (even black tea, which can’t be great for me.)  As I hold the warm cup to my chest it makes me cozy… remember I talked about my love for being warm.

I don’t like fancy teas… just simple and black. You can often see me with a mug in hand or if I am lucky a large  Sonic cup (with easy ice!)

I also like it cold and sweet. I grew up visiting my dad in Georgia and then ended up going to school there and when you order a tea… you better believe it comes sweet. Tea reminds me of growing up. Sweet tea reminds me of college though. My sorority sister and I used to come home from classes, but a pot of water on to boil, clean our apartment, and make sweet tea before we sat down to watch soaps. Good times. I am so grateful for those times and people.

Now hot tea reminds me of my grandparents. They always had hot tea, a little bit of milk (very English) and a scoop of sugar. I grew up making tea for them and serving it at their little round table.

My kids also drink herbal tea. It is like my go to when they aren’t feeling well..”oh… let’s have a cup of tea.” It really does make the world go around. I even have a tea club with my youngest daughter… there is even a secret handshake.

So tea reminds me of so many people (past and present) from all different parts of my life that I love so dearly.

I hope this post inspires you to start your own gratitude project…and put a kettle on too!


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