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We are so excited. We have been teaching photography workshops for a number of years and now we can reach you at home. We have heard over and over again, “I want to take your class….but I have XYZ that day..”  So know you can learn! These guides are FULL… STUFFED… with photography information. But..here’s the secret. We have taken out all the stuff you don’t need to know right now. Yes! Learning anything new can be really overwhelming and too much information can lead to brain melt and shut down.  We know what mom’s really need and want. We have been asked the same questions over and over again…because guess what… we teach mom’s just like you and they want to take pictures of their kids doing amazing things at all stages of life.  We created this bundle for you… the mom who wants to document your family beautifully.

These three  Guides will get you well on your photography journey…at your pace. These three guides are the perfect way to learn on your time. They are downloadable PDFs with videos. Learn from us and how we use our camera settings, light, composition, and a little Lightroom magic to make beauty.

We know how much you have wanted to learn photography but it’s tough to get to a class in person. We have simplified all the terms, settings, and photography concepts for you. Simplified Photography and Light & Composition come with exercises to help put what you are learning into action. These can be done anywhere when you have time.

If you have had a camera sitting around or you have one on your Christmas Wish list (check our our holiday camera buying guide), you need these three comprehensive beginner photography guides. Add this to your Holiday list!

These guides will be out Thanksgiving!..yes…look for our Black Friday Sale and buy the bundle!

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