Have you been following our gratitude project? We are already elbow deep into November! Soon we will be planning out our menu and thinking about how many pies “we need!” …oh..want!  Don’t let the month go by without thinking about how you are blessed.

I am grateful for warmth

I hate being cold. I turn my heater up in car full blast at the sight of 60 degrees. But my husband has a very different idea of “ideal temperature.” Please don’t say I am not the only one with a thermostat watching hubby. So I bundle up and love a warm fire. Our living room doesn’t have a TV in it so we spend lots of evening playing games in there or reading books. I get under my blanket and have my chair near the fire…and wear slippers.

There are some benefits of my husband liking the house cold though. My kids love to cuddle up under lots and lots of blankets with me. They are like my own little heat boxes.

I can’t even image living without heat. I feel so blessed by not only a home with modern amenities but also a husband and son who go out and split wood for the winter. They work hard though the year cutting down trees and chopping up wood so we don’t run out. That is work I don’t want to do and am so grateful that even though I am sure they don’t love it… they do it.

I know there are many who don’t have warmth and pray that I don’t take it for granted.

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Today I am grateful for warmth.

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