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These are a few of our favorite things….. Maybe you are looking for a special gift for you are someone you love…. If you are buying for yourself maybe these are some ideas to ask for. But if you are buying a gift for your photography enthusiast you can quickly feel overwhelmed. Here are a few fun ideas to consider.


Gifts under 150.00

The Sprocket

The Sprocket is a mini printer that prints small prints right from your phone. Who is guilty of having all of your memories stored on some device? OK..everyone raise your hand.  This way you can easily print. The printer is about 129.00 but I think it is awesome. This would be so awesome when you are traveling or just to quickly print off your memories and put them in an album without the wait.


Lensbaby Spark

This creative lens is usually $189 but is on sale for 124.00 this holiday!  Just make sure you purchase the right mount (they have canon or nikon). If you need it to go on another camera make call them and they may have a convertor.

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Life in Motion Video Workshop

Do you have someone in your life… or maybe even you…who wants to dive into learning how to shoot video with your DSLR or mirrorless camera? This workshop through Click photo school covers all of the bases.  Pair it with the Photography in Motion video breakout in the Click and Co store and you have one heck of an awesome video gift!!!!

Gifts under $100

The Simplified Photography Bundle

We have created a beginner photography bundle that answers questions we receive often about camera settings, how to use light and composition, and Lightroom. If you have someone on your list who wants to learn more about photography this is the perfect gift. Use promo code “save20” to get 20% off.

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Lensbaby Mobile Kit

Creativity on the go! Lensbaby lenses are perfect for anyone to unleash their creative spirit…even on the go. Right now they are on sale for 29.00…reg. 99.00.

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Gifts under 50.00

Holdfast Leather Wrist Strap

I keep this little strap on my Sonya6500 at all times. I like that it isn’t a traditional next strap and doesn’t take up much room in my camera purse. Plus… I love anything leather!

Wireless Mighty Mic

There are too many sweet little voices and moments to capture that bad audio can ruin. This would be awesome to have on your phone!  We use of phones so much to capture life… why not make it sound good?

Memory Card

Ok. This is not a “fun” gift… but a photographer can never have enough memory. Grab a few smaller ones for a stocking stuff!

Gifts under $25

Storyteller Mug

What a great way to either remind yourself why you love photography or show someone you love how much you appreciate their creative spirit.


Tribal Camera Strap

A pretty strap is always a fun gift…. especially when they look so cool.


Gift cards and Subscriptions


Amy and I both use Chapbooks and love them. We have our subscriptions connected to our Instagram accounts. They are under 10.00 an album and they automatically ship to you when you have 60 images. Bonus you can even create albums based on hashtag. I am thinking about doing a grandma album and have them ship directly to grandparents. All I have to do is add #forthegrands (or whatever hashtag you want!) to my image. How awesome is that!!! You can also get prints and custom books. Use code JOLLY for 20% off.


B & H Photo Gift card

B &H is a photo superstore. If you have a loved one who loves photography you can’t go wrong!








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