We loved teaching our first run of Life in Motion through Click Photo School! We are gearing up for round two starting January 22nd… It feels weird to say, “Hey buy this workshop, you’ll love it…” when we created it, so we asked for some feedback from last runs participants. We were humbled by the response, and truly loved getting to know these ladies that took the time to learn with us!

Here’s what Julie had to say:

“I could not have been more thrilled then when I found The Wild Child’s Life in Motion workshop. It was exactly what I was looking for to get me started in utilizing video for both my business and personal projects. The course was extremely well written and allowed me to go from zero video knowledge (I didn’t even know how to take a video) to planning, executing and editing a beautiful film project. As photographers we have all taken many workshops / breakouts that over promise and under deliver . . . this was NOT one of those workshops. Every week was packed full of information and Kim and Amy were extremely active in the private Facebook group for any additional questions we had. If you are looking for a way to add video to your business this is the course for you.”

Thank you Julie!!! We had so much fun getting to know you!

If you’d like to get in on round two, sign up today!! I promise you’ll learn a lot, and have fun too. Video is so fun to add to your life!

Life In Motion

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