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Last weekend we had a wonderful kids + camera workshop on a super rainy day! The rain didn’t matter much because we were taking pictures at Holton Greenhouse. It was the prefect fix for the rainy day blues and it was so fun teaching and watching kids photograph flowers.

We also were excited to be able to borrow a few lenses from our friends at Lensbaby! We LOVE teaching with these lenses. Lensbaby lenses aren’t a “beginner lenses” or easy lens to use! In fact they take some serious practice! So why use them with kids? I’ll tell ya! They are the perfect teaching tool because kids get to focus manually, and really understand the way a lens works. I’ve been shooting with these amazing lenses for years, It was the first lens I taught Charlotte to shoot with at age 8 for this very reason. Kim and I had almost all of the kids working with a Lensbaby with the macro converters, photographing flowers and plants, at some point during our greenhouse shoot, and they all were so excited when they got the shot! Kids tend to photograph things quickly, and sometimes they take hundreds of photos in our classes, but with the Lensbaby they all had to focus, and take their time. I know this is tough for some kids (and adults!) but it helps them be more mindful about their composition and exposure and slow down. Another reason we love teaching with the Lensbaby lenses is we let go of perfection and really embrace the artistic side of photography! Kids don’t care about being really technical, they just want to make something “cool”, and it was fun to show them how to use these and really watch them in action. Some were frustrated at first, but they all learned so much by slowing down and the results were stunning from the images that have been submitted to us so far!

Seeing through a kids eyes is an incredible experience. With my own kids, after they take pictures, we sit down and watch the images load into Lightroom. They gasp at the beautiful ones and learn a lot from the blurry images. I’m usually gasping and smiling too… they see things a little differently than you and I, and that’s what makes viewing their results so fun, and sometimes really interesting.

Kim was able to take a few video clips while the kids were shooting! I hope you can join us for our next class. We love teaching what we love. Join us next time!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @thewildchildphotography to see photos taken by the kids that took our spring macro class.


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