Ok..so all of the details aren’t ironed out quite yet, but you can still check your calendars and hold it for some amazing photography and video classes! If you are a mom who has a new camera or an old camera you never used… this is the perfect place to start. We are two moms who have a pretty good idea about what you want to take pictures of and we can show you how! As soon as we know more information we will post it here! In the mean time, grab your camera, grab a friend, and mark that day as “busy” on your family calendar.

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Camera Workshop September 22nd, 9:30-11:30,  Wolfes Camera Shop

For us as mom we picked up our cameras originally to capture our kid’s lives and personalities. We wanted to remember all the funny, messy, and shake your head moments in their lives. But like many of you, we didn’t know how to take the pictures we really wanted. This class is going to help you take control of your camera, understand photography terms and camera features, and finally feel confident when taking portraits, everyday lifestyle, or even sports photos! We will cover camera settings, lens choice and limitations, and even take a tour of Lightroom so you know how quickly get pictures off of your camera on shared or printed!


Video  Workshop, September 22nd 1-3 pm, Wolfes Camera Shop

If you camera can take video you may have wondered about how to use it. Many moms we have spoken with love the idea of taking video (because it is awesome!) but have no idea where to start. We love teaching our simple approach to video with moms because we know how much we treasure the videos we have made of our kids! This class is best if you have some understanding of your camera already and want to take your camera to the next level. In this class we will cover the gear we use, the lenses we love, our favorite places to grab licensed music, and how we edit quickly! We also will share our tips and tricks to take both stills and video of your special moments!

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