Kim and I have talked about this until we are blue in the faces and I’ve been writing this blog post in my head for months. I feel like today is the day to just get it done. Rip the band-aid, say it out loud, and feel confident in the changing seasons, so here goes. Life is constantly evolving and where I was 13 years ago was very different than today. When I started my own photography business, I did it to stay home with my littles… life was full of playing with blocks & play-dough, Elmo’s world, peanut-butter and jellies, nursing babies and editing pictures. I was lucky to get a shower most days, and I had no idea how quickly these years would go! I photographed their tiny toes, their pudding covered faces, the mundane days, and story hour at the library. The kids didn’t have evening activities and I had several nights of sessions every month, which often led to “mommy guilt” and being stretched a little too thin. Kim’s life in Colby, Kansas was very similar (almost freakishly), and our stories are not that different from other photographers and how they started shooting…photography was, and is, a wonderful creative outlet for new moms as well as a way to earn income and be home with the kids during those precious little years. If I could do anything differently, I would definitely have said “no” more often, but like with lots of things, I lived and learned and now a completely different season is upon us! We shall call this season, “The season of driving my kids all over tarnation” and while I love this season even more than I thought I would, I definitely feel an urgency to soak up these years while I can so it’s hard to cut out time to photograph other families on weekends and evenings.

So what am I getting at here… is this a blog post about us quitting “The Wild Child”? No way! It’s just a post to keep you in the loop on what we are doing now! Actually I am so excited Kim and I made the decision to move forward with our plan of action so here goes! We aren’t taking on new sessions right now…. now before you freak out, keep reading. Our hearts are in a different spot, we both feel led to teach photography and video to anyone wanting to learn. We especially want to focus on our kids adventure photography classes, and mom’s classes because this season in our lives lends to these areas so well and we can involve our kids. We also love teaching other photographers how to incorporate movement into sessions by shooting video. We teach classes through Click Photo-school, Wolfs Camera Shop, and our own studio as well as our shop. We also speak at conferences and love to share what we know! Kim and I both believe “that the camera is a tool that teaches us to see.” (Dorthea Lange) and we quote that at almost every class we teach. We notice the joy and beauty and can focus on details that are beautiful gifts when we learn how to use a camera and what a joy that is for us to share!

So really? Are we “done” shooting people? We can’t say that. We just don’t have plans right now to take on more sessions at this time. We are shooting a lot, but for different reasons. Commercial work, video work, teaching and writing our digital photography guides, are our priority and we can finally focus on that now, and do it during the hours when our kiddo’s are at school. We also have plans to work on a photography book for kids, but that’s still hush hush for now! 😉

Our work has evolved into more than we could have dreamed it could be. We get to do things we couldn’t have made up in 2013 when “The Wild Child” was born, and I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me we’d be teaching it and traveling to teach. Our plans back then were to photograph mainly kids and families, and we have done that and rocked it for the last 5 years, and before that many more years as Kim Bear Photography, and Cyphers Photography. It’s been such an honor, even a blessing to make these memories with so many families! So thank you!!

I was looking through folders on my computer today and came across thousands of files of smiling faces and tender moments. I wiped a couple of tears away, and just felt such joy and relief over this new season. Like a caterpillar turning in to a butterfly, change is so hard, but so worth it.

There are questions I know you’ll have so we will do our best to answer them….

What will you do with your studio space?

Our plans are to have photography classes, like we do now, and also host more “makers” classes, like soap making, hand lettering, painting. If you are a “maker” and want to host a class, contact us!

I have a gift card, can I still use it??

Of course! Also, don’t be surprised if we decide to do a Heritage session date in the fall or spring. We just don’t have these on the calendar now.

We purchased the baby plan, are you going to finish the year with us?

Yes! And I’m excited to do so because I get to snuggle your baby! Mine are way too big now!

If you have any more questions please reach out to Kim or I. We are building something new, and we’d love your support! Keep up with us on Instagram and Facebook as those sites, as well as this blog, go through metamorphosis with us.

Again, thank you. I don’t think that can be said enough. This stepping out into a bit of unknown is a bit scary, but we know that most good things are like that. This is a risk and we are taking it because it’s going to be worth it! God bless!!

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