You are about to be bombarded with ads about losing weight or articles about how to improve yourself in 2019. Every year we end one year and start a new one with great expectations. And while I know losing weight is always on my list and being a better person couldn’t hurt, I want to encourage you to do something for your family and even yourself. I want you to start  personal photography project. That doesn’t mean it has to happen every day or that you even have to be a professional. It just means setting a goal and work towards it at your pace.  Maybe you have a project to finally print off pictures from your computer and put them all in an album. Or maybe you want to be in more pictures with your kids.  A personal project maybe just about you finding time to be creative again… we get how much being a mom can drain the creative right out of ya!  Write down what you want to do. “I want to take 10 pictures a month of my kids being themselves.” or ” I want to create a video a month.” or ” I want to learn how to use my camera by March.” Be intentional with your goal…or as the saying goes, Fail to plan, plan to fail. It’s and oldie but goodie.

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Tips to be successful with a photo project

  • Be ready with your camera or cell phone. Most folks have their cell phone (and cell phone projects are vey cool) but if you are doing a project that requires your camera bring it with you throughout the year
  • Tell someone you are doing this! Share your images and let folks know your goal
  • Do something with the images you take. Make an album, a video, print for the wall.
  • Experiment. Don’t worry about getting every image perfect. Have fun. After all you have a whole year! If one doesn’t scream awesome…oh well.. move on and keep on being creative.
  • Seek out others who are also doing similar projects. You can look on instagram for hashtags like #p52,  #photoaday, or  #365. Follow others and use them as inspiration
  • If you fall off the horse…get back on. Most of us will miss a day (or a week)… don’t use that as an excuse to quit.


If you are wanting to post and share your images I suggest posting on Instagram and getting a subscription to Chatbooks automatically make albums and mail them to you for like 10.00. I don’t know about you but having my albums automatically made and sent to my house did make me a better person! haha. Plus everything you journal on Instagram are printed to!

If you want to create a wall gallery in your home of your images, go and buy the frames at the beginning of the year. Visit or and print images every month for your frames! There are so many great frame groupings on Pinterest. I love the ones that are all black and white and square. Don’t wait  until the end of the year, fill them up as you go and hang! Before you know it you have an amazing wall gallery of images of your family!

Maybe you do what I did last year and started photographing still life purely as a way to think creatively in the winter. I loved it so much I kept on going. I kept going when people asked why.  I kept going when I ask why. I did it often and was constant. I even created a new Instagram account because I didn’t want to overload my friends and family with pictures of oranges and apples. If you love it do it! It honestly has been the best photo project I have ever done.

If you need structure or inspiration and enjoy a challenge join a photo a day challenge or a project 52 challenge. These are great because often times a theme is provided and you look for ways to photograph it. Or if you are really daring… set out on your own photo a day challenge… tough. But you can do it! Give yourself grace and realize that at the end of the year even if you don’t have 365 images…maybe you have 50… that is still awesome.


A Few theme projects

  • A certain color. For example every month you look for colors that go with the season or just one you like. Those are fun with you put all  of you images together by month.
  • A year in Black and White
  • A picture taken in the same room
  • A day in the life of ____________
  • My home town.
  • Self portraits (yes… people do them! And it isn’t weird)
  • Lines and shapes
  • Street Photography

You could do one a month or one for the whole year. Challenge yourself regardless if you are a pro photographer or brand new to photography.


We are about three weeks away from the new year. That is more than enough time to get your tail in gear and get ready to embark on a project that will leave a lasting legacy! Good luck!

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