How can be it the almost Thanksgiving and Christmas… it all goes by so fast.  Doesn’t it? I mean how can we hold on and truly relish in the important moments when they go by so fast? Well Amy and I obviously love to photograph our family times, trips, and traditions. We have created a small Field Guide to help you with some photo tools to capture the most authentic holidays images. While we all drool over Pinterest worthy homes, gingerbread houses, and decked out trees…the honest truth is that just isn’t reality, at least not mine. Our gingerbread houses our Pinterest fail worthy…haha…but we have the best time “trying” to make them. My kids don’t always look perfectly matching…actually they hardly ever do, and my tree while beautiful to me isn’t going to ever be cover worthy for Traditional Home. I want to to capture my Christmas with my family…even the mismatching, falling down, and family with inappropriate Holiday sweaters! haha. They are all mine and I love them.  I am sure you feel that same way about your family.

As you enter into the holiday season we want to encourage you to take a second to write down what moments are the most important to you. Who is most important? Focus on capturing that. The rest is the wrapping…pretty but not the real treasure!

We also would like to invite you to a Women’s Holiday event at Fellowship Bible Church on Thursday December 5th in Topeka KS. Amy and I get to teach about Capturing Christmas!  You can get more info here.


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