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Life is crazy right now. Right? It seems like life has been turned up on its head. But with all things we have to rise to the occasions and roll with the punches. We want to make sure everyone is safe from all softs of things, including germs. We have always been aware of the dangers of photographing families and babies and have always done everyone we could to keep everyone safe.

Our Heritage Sessions are outdoors giving us amble ability to keep our distance. We shoot with long lenses (giving us beautiful image and perfect social distancing.)  The big difference is that we won’t be touching anyone. Typically we like to fix hair or clothes to make sure you look your best. While we are keeping our distance we will direct you to fix anything we see that looks out of place.

We are excited to get to photograph families again. We love capturing your running, hugging, laughing, and being families together. We plan on still capturing the way your families connects with each other.

Another change is how we will share images with you. At this time we aren’t going to be meeting in person. We will do our best to provide you with the same excellent service to help you pick out the perfect images of your family. Our goal is to always capture a well rounded grouping of images that work well alone and together.

Be safe.

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