About our Sessions

We know you have lots of options when it comes to who you trust to take your families portraits. We are thrilled you have come to check us out. Below you can check out our client guide. The Guide lays out our sessions, our pricing, how to prepare, and how to purchase your portraits and print products. Of course, if you have additional questions feel free to contact us. On our contact us page you will also find a list of Frequently Asked Questions.


Heritage Sessions

After you book your session and pay we place you on our schedule. If you scheduled a Heritage Session we typically follow up with you about a week before you date with information about time and directions. Our Heritage Sessions are schedule in 20 minutes appointments either about two hours before sunset or in the morning right after sunrise. In the summer time this may mean later sessions and in the fall/winter earlier times. We schedule our sessions at this time to give you the best light of the day. Heritage Sessions come with an 11×14 and one small digital image that prints unto an 8×10 (perfect for cards.)


Custom Sessions

Custom sessions are scheduled for either a weekend or a Monday night. These are all about you. We will work with you to pick the perfect location. If you are interested in a family film the custom session it the perfect session to add that to! Custom Sessions  are $400 and come with $300 in portrait credit to use towards wall art or gift prints.


Cherish Collection {First Year Sessions}

Babies are only little once and they grow so fast. We love our  Cherish collection because it comes with three sessions to capture your baby over there first year. Their first session is in our natural light studio and their six month and one year sessions are scheduled during one of our Heritage Sessions.  Included is 300.00 in credit and a first year video. You will forever be grateful to have a video of them over their first year. We encourage your whole family to come to each session if possible.  We always have mom and dad with baby during the first session. Not only does it make for great images but it the perfect way to video a baby.

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