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We love working together in our ever evolving photography venture.  Together we have the mission that “Every person we meet is a divine appointment.”  We strive to seek His beauty and truth daily with our cameras and treat every person we encounter as a friend and unique individual. We are passionate about teaching what we know about photography and we love making you look your best if you choose to invest in a session with us.

The Wild Child Photography (the photo business side!) began a few years ago after two independent photographers, Kim and Amy, teamed up and began to photograph families, in all stages of life, a little differently then most photographers. Because we attend most session together we also create unique videos showcasing connection, love, joy and togetherness. These sessions are especially important for moms because, speaking from experience, we know we don’t get in front of the camera nearly enough with our families. Wait until you see yourself (moms!) in video loving your family! Because we each have a husband and three kids with crazy schedules, we consolidate our sessions into monthly photo-shoots in beautiful locations. These are our Heritage Sessions. The last few years we began to teach more photography and video and that has blossomed not only moms wanting to learn their cameras, but also kids through our Wild Child Adventure Workshops as well as other photographers wanting to learn video. Finally we are now offering online classes as well for folks that want to learn photography. Watch for new photography guides in our shop soon!

We are short a short drive north of Topeka and about a hour from Kansas City.

Meet Kim

Hey Ya’ll… yes I live in Kansas, grew up as an Army Brat, but call Georgia home.  My husband and I met in college in Atlanta and we both have lots of family there.  I have three kids who pretty much keep me busy.  My favorite thing to do is make homemade pizza and watch a movie.  I love traveling to new places just to photograph something different.  I am a total camera mama and typically have my camera locked and loaded in my camera purse.  Photography stole my heart when my son was born and it blossomed into a career.  I can’t imagine seeing the world without being able to capture the memory forever.  I am a believer, a tea drinker, and all around down to earth gal.  I love having people over for supper and being outside as a family.

Meet Amy

My favorite place to be is with my family, but besides my favorite people, Bryson (husband). Charlotte (daughter), Pierson, and August (my boys) I love my chickens and goats a little too much, and I’m also a beekeeper.  I enjoy checking hives with my husband on the weekends and harvesting our own honey.  We can learn so much from observing bees (but that’s another story!).  Our Kansas farm house is constantly needing me to update something, and I love making it pretty.  Fixing old things up is so fun and I love hunting for vintage finds that will look perfect in our 19th century home.  I’m convinced I’m living in the wrong decade as my favorite past times include canning and gardening which involve me wearing an old apron around like an old house wife.  My family loves to hunt, fish, hike and explore together whenever we can.  I thrive on Jesus and Coffee. Give me both all day long.

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