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Interested in a session? Problems downloading an online product? Questions about your session? We have listed out a number of frequently asked questions below. If you don’t find what you need in the FAQ section contact us! We are always happy to help you in any any.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a session? We offer a monthly Heritage Session from May – December. You can book your session in our Shop.

What is a Heritage Session? Our Heritage Session is a 20 minute session which comes with an 11×14 print and one small digital image which prints up to an 8×10 print. With two photographers we can cover a lot of photo ground.

Do you offer video at all of your sessions? No. Typically we only offer video at custom sessions. Our family video packages start at 1200.00! If you are thinking about video…do it! You will NEVER regret seeing your family in video.

Do you photograph weddings? Oh bummer…no. Unless you are getting married in Iceland… then… let’s talk!  We just don’t have the weekend time typically needed to shoot weddings.

What sessions do you photograph? We photograph mainly families, children, and babies! We do limited number of seniors and commercial work.

I haven’t heard about my session I booked. When should I hear from you? We send out an email the week of your session with your session time. We do this to a) make sure our weather is looking good and b) to see when sun set it going to be. If you have questions you can always email us!

Can I schedule an extended family for a Heritage Session? Yes! Just send us a message so we make sure we block off a little bit more time for your family.


What happens if it rains the the scheduled date? We wish we could always ensure the perfect weather. We do reschedule for heavy rain and ridged temperatures.  We typically keep a watchful eye on the weather and make a weather call in the afternoon ..hopefully before everyone gets ready!

Are all of your session outdoors? Yes. We primarily do outdoor sessions…even in the winter. We suggest wearing lots of layers when the temperatures start to dip. We do our newborn sessions in our natural light studio unless we have warm beautiful weather.

What if I have to cancel? We all know life throws us curve balls and plans change. We are happy to refund your session or reschedule if you let us know 7 days before your scheduled session.

Do you get more than just the family shot at your Heritage Session? Oh do we! You will receive not only your family shot, but individual shots of each child and any other grouping we can think of. We typically show 45 images from a Heritage Session.

Can I purchase digital images? Yes. We offer an archive collection of all the images we show you sized to print up to an 8×10. The archive collections comes with your images on a thumb drive and 10 4×6 prints.

Can I get help figuring out what to order? Of course! We offer both in person preview sessions and an on-line image gallery.  We are experts at creating storytelling wall galleries. We know not only what looks great together but what size you will need for your given space. You can also share your online gallery with family and friends to allow them to make their own purchases. Their orders will be shipped directly to them!

I didn’t get my product download. How can I get that? Please message us ASAP. We want to make sure you get it as quickly as possible.

I lost my download link? Can you resend it to me? Sure we can. Send us an email with your name and email address you used to purchase the guide. We are happy to make that happen.

My child wants to attend one of your photography workshops. Do I need to attend? Awesome! We are excited to hear they are excited about photography. Children 10 and older don’t need a parent, but we do suggest you come. Not only is it fun to see what you child is learning, but  you may learn more about your camera too!

How can I hear about your classes or pop up events? The best way to hear about what we are doing is to check in on our blog everyone in awhile. We also post information on our Facebook page. Or you can subscribe to our mailing list!


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