Wild My Child Maker's Events

Makers are gonna make

We love to create and use our hands. There is such an accomplishment in “homemade”.  We want to invite you to join in our Makers Classes. These classes will cover all sorts of fun topics and projects. It is just our way to create a fun place to gather and make.


Winter Maker’s Events


Soap Making- January 6th, 1:00 with Becky Tipton ($11)-  You will leave this class with a block of soap that can be cut into 5-6 pieces! I love making soap and I can’t wait to learn from Becky. She’s a bee keeper and kindred spirit in so many ways. Grab a friend and join the fun! (No kids under 12)

Macrame plant hanging January 14, 1:00 with Sarah Devader ($16)-  Macrame is bbbbaaacccckkkk…. and I love it. Join us to learn this skill from one of Holton’s best! Sarah is a skilled lady full of knowledge I can’t wait to tap into. I have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg for us and Sarah. She’s just so talented! $15 covers your supplies and class. Cost is $15 for the class and covers your supplies.

Simplified Photography Class – February 3, 1:00 with Amy and Kim ($30) – Come learn how to take your camera out of auto mode! We love teaching what we know.


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