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We have spoken to many moms and photographers throughout the years. We are passionate about the importance of capturing life’s moments because they are so fleeting and our kids and families change so quickly.  We like to teach large and small groups like we would teach a friend. We like to break it down to the simplest terms and include lots of stories from what we have learned.  Anyone can learn photography!  Come be inspired to learn.

If you have a mom’s group, a church group, a women’s business group , a group of girls, or even a group of children who want to learn photography please contact us for a cost and the types of classes we can teach.

We also enjoy speaking at women’s business events about our business, how we work together as business partners, and how we have been successful for over four years.

We offer in person classes for both women and kids throughout the year. Often we have pop up classes so keep check back or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know.

Because we know how busy moms (and kids are!) we offer a number of e-learning guides. These guides are self paced to there when you are ready!  Photography can be confusing with all of the technical terms and complex camera functions. We have simplified all of that for you. Our guides are meant for beginners who want to know what they need to know for what they want to photograph without getting bogged down in too much information.

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