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Silhouette Art… party like it’s 1790!

I (Amy Cyphers) was born in the wrong decade, I've always known this. My house is super old (1910), and I love any artifact I can decorate with, especially from the 1920's-60's. Silhouettes have always been so beautiful to me. I have collected a few vintage ones, and I have always wanted to make them of my own kids. I wasn't sure how to go about it though... until now. I purchased an Apple Pencil recently. I've been working on creating different books and journals (more on that soon!), and I thought it would be fun to hand-letter and draw some things that I could use in my designs, and the Apple Pencil looked like an amazing and easy option for that. Long story short, I LOVE my Apple Pencil, and somehow I've become a silhouette artist...  LOL. I started with my own kids after figuring out a method I liked... I was honestly just trying to figure out the new pencil. I shared the images with family and suddenly started getting texts of their kid's adorable...

Capturing Christmas

  How can be it the almost Thanksgiving and Christmas... it all goes by so fast.  Doesn't it? I mean how can we hold on and truly relish in the important moments when they go by so fast? Well Amy and I obviously love to photograph our family times, trips, and...

Kids with their cameras

My eight year old loves to take the "kid" camera out and just explore. She sees things totally different than I do and it amazes me what she is interested in. Plus she is very vocal about her thought process which I find really cute. She likes to do still life...

Choosing video editing software

  Ahhhhhhhh..... learning video would be fun they said. Learning video would be easy they said. haha. Well, learning video is exciting, but it can quickly get over complicated. The question we get often in our Life in Motion workshop is about video editing...


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