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Changing Seasons

Kim and I have talked about this until we are blue in the faces and I've been writing this blog post in my head for months. I feel like today is the day to just get it done. Rip the band-aid, say it out loud, and feel confident in the changing seasons, so here goes. Life is constantly evolving and where I was 13 years ago was very different than today. When I started my own photography business, I did it to stay home with my littles... life was full of playing with blocks & play-dough, Elmo's world, peanut-butter and jellies, nursing babies and editing pictures. I was lucky to get a shower most days, and I had no idea how quickly these years would go! I photographed their tiny toes, their pudding covered faces, the mundane days, and story hour at the library. The kids didn't have evening activities and I had several nights of sessions every month, which often led to "mommy guilt" and being stretched a little too thin. Kim's life in Colby, Kansas was very similar (almost...

Fall sessions are filling up

Amy and I hate doing "sales" posts but we also hate it when folks don't know what we are up to! So here is the pitch. We have two fall Heritage Session dates available. October has one last spot open so they are filling up quickly. We have sessions on October 22 and...

My hobby: Still life

Still life is my hobby... my creative outlet. Does anyone else have that need? Even though I love photographing my kids and other people sometimes (well often!) I love working with still objects and get to explore light, shadow, and color. Plus I enjoy getting to bake...

Amelia Charlotte Rose

There's been so many newborn photography trends... remember giant bows, or babies swaddled and knit hats with flowers all around, or a crazy amount of props, oh and baskets... so many babies in baskets!? I've probably done them all... baby as art..... but baby is a...


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