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Sweet Hour of Prayer

Sometimes life overwhelms me... Spending time walking in the garden, pulling a few weeds, and reading my bible is so good for my soul. Today I walked with my camera prayed whispers of gratitude to our amazing Creator. Worshiping through the lens, pausing to see what He made for my eyes too see. Today was exceptional.... the light was foggy, warm, and filtered.... it was so quiet and peaceful. These moments are needed, and cherished gifts... love notes for me to see with my eyes. This is where God and I talk. I might not have had an "hour" of prayer, but it was longer than normal, and my soul felt so much peace and rest. I'm a worrier and carry around the weight of my fears and failures on my shoulders and neck, sometimes even feeling physically ill from circumstances I can't do anything about... I am a much better mom, wife, friend & human when I turn it over to Him. I'd love to encourage you to do the same... Take a morning or evening walk, with a camera & your bible....

Changing Seasons

Kim and I have talked about this until we are blue in the faces and I've been writing this blog post in my head for months. I feel like today is the day to just get it done. Rip the band-aid, say it out loud, and feel confident in the changing seasons, so here goes....

A new photo project for 2019

You are about to be bombarded with ads about losing weight or articles about how to improve yourself in 2019. Every year we end one year and start a new one with great expectations. And while I know losing weight is always on my list and being a better person couldn't...

Some Tips for shooting in the Snow!

Blizzard Bruce has blown in leaving buckets of beautiful powdery white stuff all over the mid-west. We haven't had a good snow like this in years so of course we had to sled, dig tunnels, walk in the woods, skate around on our little puddle of a pond, and of course, I...


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