Welcome to our Shop. We offer both educational guides and photography sessions.We love having the change to photograph families but firmly believe you are best one to capture your families everyday lives and we want to show you how.
Because we attend each session together we also create unique videos showcasing connection, love, joy and togetherness. These sessions are especially important for moms because as a mom, we know we don’t get in front of the camera nearly enough with our families. Wait until you see yourself (moms!) in video loving your family! Because we each have a husband and three kids a piece, we consolidate our sessions into monthly photoshoots in beautiful locations. These are our Heritage Sessions. We believe wholeheartedly that each person we meet in not only uniquely created by God, but is also a “divine appointment” and it’s always an honor to record moments in your life. The last few years we began to teach more photography and video and that has blossomed not only moms wanting to learn their cameras, but also kids through our Wild Child Adventure Workshops as well as other photographers wanting to learn video. Finally we are now offering online classes as well for folks that want to learn photography. Our goal is to add new guides monthly to add to our collection!

Field Guides

Look for new field guides monthly. Field guides are great when you are ready to learn more about your camera and photography. Field guides build upon our Photography Guides (Simplified Photography and Light & Composition)


Clickin Mom’s has inspired thousands of “mom’s with cameras” to create beautiful art from their daily lives. We have a workshop (dates vary) and a breakout session, both about video available through Click Photo School.

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